Can your idea produce a positive impact for the planet and its people, as well as profits? Let’s grow it!

We provide advice, scientific analysis and network access to founders, including pro-bono work and access to venture capital.

What does Human Planet Ventures offer?

  1. We deliver a scientific impact analysis to quantify and predict both the positive and negative impact of your business. For many venture capitalists, this is essential.
  2. We then provide start-ups with unique mentoring and assistance from a business perspective that helps them kickstart and scale their business.
  3. Finally, we give access to venture capital or directly invest ourselves (up to EUR 1m, average investment EUR100l-200k) to accelerate growth and positive impact.

We provide our knowledge, scientific expertise, network and capital for equity or a fee. The fee can be delayed. In some cases, we also provide our services pro-bono.

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