We partner with investors and businesses to create a net-zero and healthy society.

Planet, people and profits are the triple lines of success.

With great power comes great responsibility.

We also know that with great responsibility comes great opportunity.

Here’s what we do:

for Investors

We provide the scientific analyis and advice needed to invest in the sustainable economy.

for Start-Ups

We provide advice, scientific analysis and network access to founders, including pro-bono work and access to venture capital

for Companies

Sustainability is the key competitive advantage. We deliver ESG results, verifiable metrics, a large NGO network and training to transform your business while staying true to its purpose.

MzN International, our fully-owned subsidiary, is a social consultancy firm whose only priority is to help those who want to do good do it better. For the past 10 years, we have worked extensively across the not-for-profit sector, building charities and organisations that are fit to respond to the challenges they set out to address. It has become increasingly apparent that what we do is no longer confined to the world of NGOs.

We have entered the decisive decade and the need for us all to build a more inclusive and net-zero economy has never been greater. The idea that sustainability is handled by the not-for-profit sector or only as part of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project is outdated, it needs to be part of a greater commitment to be sustainable across our value chains.

We understand that building an environmentally sustainable business, both small and large, is a major commitment, but the starting point is simply understanding what position you are in right now. We aim to guide our partners through the journey from that initial assessment to the point they are proud of their climate credentials. Our experience in organisational change gives us the understanding that culture is as important as structure in this process. All of our support includes organisational culture engagement since we believe that cultural change is what really makes sustainability self-sustaining.

Let’s make a difference.