Successful investments don’t just look green.

We accurately report the current and future impact of investments on societies and the planet in an extended life-cycle assessment, delivered within 5 to 20 days (key indicators within 24hrs).

This gives investors confidence that their investments are net-positive for the planet, people and profits.

Av. delivery time currently 11 days

Our assessments

Our extended life-cycle assessments (LCA) allow investors to gain a full understanding of the material impact their investment has, leading to better investment decisions. We also provide ESG- and business-purpose recommendations, helping investors and founders find their ideal match.

Our full LCA includes the absolute (reduction/addition to ESG factors in and of itself) and relative (impact relative to global shortfall and overshoot on all assessment areas, identifying breakthrough opportunities and significant scaling potential) impact assessment. Our quick LCA provides absolute impact assessments only.

Our assessments are written by scientists and market veterans and so investors can rest assured that their assessment goes beyond greenwashing and comfort-bias. We provide a holistic assessment of a company’s, product or service’s absolute and relative impact.

Please note: Average delivery time is currently 11 days

The 4 major parts of our extended life-cycle assessments

What the assessment report looks like

Quick LCA (delivery in 10 to 20 days)

  • Absolute environmental and societal impact
  • Traditional life-cycle assessment
  • Basic governance requirements and performance at current times
  • Minimum environmental and social criteria investors should expect

Full LCA  (delivery in 15 to 25 days)

  • Everything in quick LCA, plus:
  • Immediate metrics on ESG matters *to be written*
  • Relative environmental and societal impact to spot scaling potential and pinpoint breakthrough solution opportunity (when and how could this be a breakthrough solution for the planet and humans?)
  • Supply Chain and Market Impact Assessment (including assessing the impact on the often complex tech-social aspects in any supply chain)

Cost and time

The cost of a quick and extended full LCA varies by sector, product/service and location, ranging between EUR15,000 and EUR35,000. We will provide you with a fixed price quote within 24hrs of your request.

The exact length of time depends on the nature of the investment, however, we usually deliver between 10 to 20 working days. Delivery formats are as follows: report, presentation and/or in-person workshop.

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