Juliette Ball

By |2022-11-30T11:00:42+01:003 June 2022|

Juliette is focused on digital marketing, web and graphic design. She has over 12+ years of experience in the ever-changing digital world. Juliette's passion is to create beautiful, clear websites [...]

Joseph Nelson

By |2022-04-07T15:22:42+02:007 April 2022|

Joseph is a consultant at MzN working on financial change management. Joseph has 15 years’ of experience in the financial services sector and for the last five years he has [...]

Christian Meyer zu Natrup

By |2022-04-07T15:21:13+02:007 April 2022|

Christian is the founder and managing director of MzN International. Christian is a governance reform and organisational change expert, specialising in digital transformation and making non-profit organisations financially sustainable. At [...]

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